COVID Protocols Winter 2023

1. Although masks are no longer mandated by the Ontario Government, we are basing our decisions on the views of top doctors and the current wave of the pandemic in Ontario. As such, we have decided that medical grade masks will be needed to be worn when inside at rehearsals. The mask must cover your nose and chin and should not be pulled away from your face while singing. There are lots of comfortable masks out there so it is all about finding the right one for you. (Medical grade masks include: blue surgical masks, KN94, N95, and many others). No fabric masks are permitted.

2. A large HEPA filter will be in the room cleaning the air as we rehearse each week.

3. We are asking that all new and returning members show proof of 3 vaccines before entering the rehearsal room. We do not store this information from term to term, so we will taking a log at first rehearsals and will not re-ask members for this each week. 

4. We are staying up to date on the science and when it is safe to do so, these protocols will be reduced. Does this mean that masks may go away? Yes, but only if the situation permits. Our goal is still to perform our show with the option for members to choose not to wear masks, in which case we would do rapid tests as was done successfully last term. We have been and will continue to be in open dialogue with all our members throughout this process and we intend on making this term a fun, safe space where we can enjoy our love of singing together. 

If you have any questions you can email us at
[email protected]